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Stay Together Program Services for Youth and Families

The Stay Together Program offers a number of services for youth and families throughout 33 counties in Texas. We help families be the best family they can be through our accessible program, which includes workshops, free sessions, in-home visits, and more.

Review our specific services below. Contact your local Stay Together Program office to schedule an appointment with us today.

Established Curriculum

The use of established curriculums will assist our staff in teaching skills to youth and parents. These skills will not only help solve the problems for which they sought help, but will also provide assistance in solving difficulties that may arise after services have ended. Depending on the child/youth's age, one of the following curriculums will be provided and taught to the parents:

For children aged birth to 36 months, Baby Play and Learn and Touch Points; Common Sense Parenting of Toddlers and Preschoolers will be taught to parents of children ages 2-5 years old; and Common Sense Parenting is taught to parents of youth aged 6-17 years old.

For youth, various topics will be presented to teach life and coping skills which include Self Esteem and Social Skills. Activities that Build Self Esteem, and Character Building Activities, just to list a few.

In-Home Visits

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The individual interaction can occur in the family’s home, local office, school (if permitted) or a location convenient to the family. Visits occur weekly throughout the service period. If the family is in need of more assistance, additional in-homes will be scheduled.


Youth and parent skills workshops are provided throughout our service area. These workshops teach the core components of the curriculum that we provide. Workshops also create an environment of learning. Participants learn from one another and in many cases, learn how to address and prevent these situations before it occurs in their own home.

24-Hour Crisis Intervention

Our crisis intervention services assist both current families and families seeking assistance. If a youth or family that we are currently working with is in need of assistance, they can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year to receive immediate help. If a crisis should occur, these services allow youth/families to obtain assistance at that time instead of waiting until their next in-home visit.

Youth and families can obtain help when a situation arises to prevent it from escalating to a potentially more serious problem. If it is determined that the family is eligible for our services and would like to participate in our program an initial visit will be scheduled at that time. If needed, crisis calls will be schedule immediately, with staff responding at the family’s home. An initial visit for non-crisis will be offered to the family within 48 hours. For families that are not eligible for Stay Together services, or wish to try another type of service, referrals will be made during the initial phone conversation. If in crisis call your local office or toll free number.

Short Term Emergency Shelter

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Shelter care can be provided to youth ages 10-17 that have run away or have been kicked out of their house. Short Term Shelter ensures that the youth has a safe place to stay until he/she returns home. When a youth enters a shelter, the Stay Together Program’s goal is to reunite the youth with his/her family as soon as possible. Once a youth returns home, our staff will continue to provide services to ensure that the youth’s return is successful. The average length of stay for Short Term Emergency Shelter is 1-2 days.

Service Period

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Youth and families typically receive services for a three month period of time. However, if at the end of this time the youth or family have not resolved the difficulties for which they sought help, the Stay Together Program is able to extend services so that the family is able to successfully resolve these issues.

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