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Free Sessions and More at Stay Together Program

The Stay Together Program began working with families in 1989 and initially only served 3 counties, but through our success we were able to expand the program area to 33 counties throughout West Texas. Our Mission is to promote family wholeness and empower families to resolve issues causing concern and tension in the home, school, or community.

Any appointment can be conducted within our office, your home, and in some cases, at school – whichever is easier for you and your family. Our free sessions have a strong emphasis on communication and nurturing healthy relationships that contribute to a more open, comforting family dynamic.

In-home visits take place in the family’s home at a time that is convenient to them. One of our caring consultants will visit the family/youth once a week throughout a 90 day service period. These meetings will provide individualized strategies that focus on the family’s immediate concerns. Strategies will include positive parenting techniques, child development information, and youth skills development.


The workshops we offer are tailored to both parents and youth. In parent workshops, a trained consultant will teach the core elements of our program. Elements include positive parenting techniques that are designed to teach parents effective ways to resolve the problems they are experiencing in their home. During the workshop, parents will get to interact with other parents experiencing similar problems, view videos explaining the skills, practice the skills given to them, and ask questions relating to the topics covered.

The youth workshop is held at the same time as the parent workshop. In these workshops, the children will learn different concepts that include respect, peer pressure, responsibility, and similar life skills. The children learn these concepts from a trained consultant who will provide hands-on activities, videos, and interactive conversation.

For more information about our free sessions, in-home visits, or workshops at the Stay Together Program, contact your local office today.


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